Albuquerque SANE Collaborative receives funding support from the following organizations:


The NM Coalition of Sexual Assault Program facilitates payments from the NM Department of Human Services, which in turn reimburses the forensic exams conducted by Albuquerque SANE. Funding from NMCSAP helps to ensure that our victims never have to pay for any services they receive here. NMCSAP’s funding also supports the salary of our SANE Clinical Coordinator, which is a critical staff position at the SANE Collaborative.


The United Way of Central New Mexico covered the costs of our domestic violence medical/forensic exams for 10+ years. The United Way of CNM was the driving force behind creating the Albuquerque Family Advocacy Center here in the city. Since its creation, the AFAC has received continued investment and support from the United Way of CNM. In addition, the United Way of CNM is also largely responsible for stocking our community fridge, which provides free groceries for any victims receiving services.

CVRC-LogoThe Crime Victims Reparation Commission funds Albuquerque SANE through the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) and Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  This funding allows SANE to provide follow-up nursing services to our patients, cover transportation costs for victims, and provide free cellphones to victims whose phones were destroyed or damaged during their assault. CVRC also assists victims of crime with varying amounts of financial assistance incurred as a result of being victimized. This process is done through a direct application to CVRC, which is facilitated for our patients during their visit.

APD-LogoThe City of  Albuquerque Police Department supports much of the administrative overhead of operating the SANE program.  They are considered a community partner at the Family Advocacy Center and share the same floor with us, offering services to victims when appropriate.