“They made me feel like if I had family around, which I didn’t and I thank you very much.”

For Emergency SANE response or to schedule a medical/forensic examination call (505) 884-SANE

Our services are confidential, free, and available 24/7 from our nurse experts

If you, or someone you know has been sexually assaulted you have 5 days from the time of the assault to come into the SANE unit to be seen by a sexual assault nurse examiner and receive a medical/forensic exam. The 5-day window applies to adult victims. For pediatric exams, (child victims 12 years old and younger) there is a 3-day window for seeking services. If it is been more than five days since your assault, the nurse examiner can still offer you limited services. You can also still receive services from our follow-up clinic as well as get assistance with referrals. Just call us at (505) 883-8720. You are also encouraged to contact the police and talk about your assault.  Albuquerque SANE is committed to creating a safe, compassionate environment for all victims of interpersonal violence.  Our nurse examiners are Safe Zone trained to better support members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community.

If you are in danger: Dial 911 for help.

If you are injured: seek medical care or go to an emergency room.
Please dial (505) 884-SANE (7263) to dispatch a sexual assault nurse examiner.

The Rape Crisis Center operates a crisis hotline 24 hours-a-day. Call (505) 266-7711 for information.

If you wish to report to law enforcement

When possible, follow the guidelines below:

Do not: eat or drink.
Do not: take a shower or wash any part of your body.
Do not: wash the clothes you were wearing during the assault.
Do: bring the clothes you were wearing to the exam

Common Misbeliefs About Sexual Assault

The motive for rape is sexual.
The Truth. Rape is about power, control and anger.

Men cannot be raped.
The Truth. Male rape happens and unfortunately is rarely reported.

A man cannot rape his wife.
The Truth. All states have laws against rape in marriage.

If victim and rapist are both drunk the assailant cannot be charged with rape.
The Truth. Rape is a crime and people who commit crimes under the influence are still responsible for their actions.

Women incite men to rape.
The Truth. A majority of rapes are planned by the rapist and opportunity is the determining factor in when a rapist will rape.

Rape only occurs outside and at night.
The Truth. Rape occurs anytime and anyplace.

If you experience domestic violence
Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior used by one person in an intimate relationship to gain power and control over another person in the same intimate relationship. It can include physical violence, sexual violence, emotional abuse, psychological intimidation, threat, verbal abuse, stalking, isolation and/or economic control.

How to arrange for an exam
The forensic nurse examiner is available 24 hours a day to provide you with services. The examination may be schedule by you, law enforcement, the hospital, family, friends or an advocate.

Call (505) 884-7263 to dispatch a forensic nurse examiner

Law enforcement does not need to be contacted for you to be examined.

The exam will be conducted in our clinic in a caring, respectful and supportive manner.

An advocate, in most cases, will be able to provide other support and information.

Follow-up services are offered at the conclusion of your exam.

S|A|N|E services are totally free and totally confidential.

Common Myths About Domestic Violence

An abuse victim must be doing something wrong to cause her partner to treat her like that.
Reality: No one can cause another person to be abusive. Abusers choose to physically or psychologically control and manipulate their partners because that is what they’ve learned works, at least temporarily.

Domestic violence victims can leave any time they really want to leave.
Reality: The abuse begins in a relationship only after the victim is emotionally, practically and/or financially dependent on the abuser. By then it is very difficult and dangerous to leave. Many victims are killed after a divorce or separation, not before.

Once an abuse victim, always an abuse victim.
Reality: the majority of abuse victims ultimately leave their partners; even though they may attempt to leave and return many times before that final time. 

He may push her around a little but the abuse doesn’t sound very serious.
Reality: Abusers and victims both minimize the abuse to themselves and the outside world. Outsiders are allowed to see only the “tip of the iceberg” of what actually happens in the relationship.

Domestic violence only happens in lower class homes.
Reality: Domestic violence happens among couples from all socioeconomic levels. It tends to be better hidden among higher income couples since they may be more worried about losing good paying jobs or social standing if people find out about the abuse. They also tend to live in bigger homes, farther from being heard and out of view from neighbors.