Untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kits (SAEK)

In 2015, a group of city and state agencies and community leaders started working on the problem of New Mexico’s untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kits (SAEKs). An initial inventory revealed 5410 untested SAEKs in New Mexico. This problem is being corrected.
While we are working to improve training, policies and resources for testing SAEKs in the future, we recognize that individuals may be wondering – what happened to my sexual assault evidence kit? Was it ever tested or was my SAEK one of the 5410?

We think you should have a way to ask about the status of your case.

Law enforcement agencies and our crime labs in Albuquerque and Santa Fe are committed to assisting survivors of sexual assault in New Mexico by using a victim-centered approach to investigations. We are committed to seeking justice for survivors, holding offenders accountable for their crimes, and ensuring a safer community for all of us who live in New Mexico. We can help connect you with the law enforcement agency that handled your case.

Interpreter services are available.

Email kitinfo@abqsane.org to find out more about SAEK or call the Sexual Assault Information Line: 1-866-613-7245 (SAIL).

Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect from the phone call?

Confidentiality is important. For your safety, case related information will NOT be provided over the phone at your initial call. Rather, we will ask for your name, the date/location of the assault, the case number if you know it, and the best way to contact you with case-specific information. One of our trained staff members will follow-up with you to discuss specifics.

What if I don’t remember my case number?

We can research the case number on your behalf. The basic information we need is your name, date of birth, approximate date of receiving a medical/forensic exam, and location of where the assault occurred.

What if I’m not sure which law enforcement agency handled my case?

Contact us and we will research the matter. We can help identify which law enforcement agency handled your case and we can provide contact information throughout New Mexico.

The Sexual Assault Information Line is a collaboration between sexual assault survivors and these partners: